You can be a Champion!

Champ io n / [cham-pee-uh n]

  1. a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. i.e., a Champion of United Way in your workplace.
  2. a person who takes first place. i.e., anyone who serves as United Way Champion is a winner!

There are an abundance of super hero movies with strong characters, each one fighting for justice, the underdog, and ultimately making the world a better place through their actions. Many of these Hollywood icons started from humble beginnings, and through a series of positive actions or decisions aimed at helping others, they became larger than life.  Do you know that there are champions all around us? Do you want to join the ranks of the revered? You, too, can be a hero – by becoming a United Way Campaign Champion! Staff at Kishwaukee United Way are actively working with local companies and agencies to run workplace campaigns in our local businesses. Campaign Champions are volunteers who go the extra mile to learn a bit about our organization, help explain United Way’s work to their colleagues and co-workers, and then help us coordinate a giving campaign. Employees can make one gift at their workplace, and effect positive change for 24 local agencies.

Why United Way?  Because United Way works. United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of all in DeKalb County. Because giving to United Way is easy. Most people give via payroll deduction, pledging to have a certain amount taken out of each paycheck that year. United Way’s materials are easy to distribute and collect. After a brief 1-2 week solicitation period (your internal workplace campaign), you’re done! Because there is something to believe in for everyone who gives. Donors can feel good that their gift will go to support a variety of causes – all of which are local, and span the life cycle from early childhood education, to teen mentoring, abuse prevention all the way through to senior services. Whatever your passion is to make a difference, it is likely our United Way is supporting positive change in that area with one of our agency partnerships. Beyond investing in nonprofit programs and services, we also coordinate initiatives like Money Smart Week, 2-1-1 information and referral, and our FamilyWize Prescription Discount Program. Thousands of local residents are impacted by United Way programming; almost everyone knows someone who has benefitted (maybe even themselves) from a United Way agency. Gifts from employees help us continue to support vital services in our area. And, finally, Because United Way is effective. Money raised here stays here in DeKalb County — 95 cents of every dollar given is invested in services for people who need them.

Be a local Champion – Reach out to us today at 815.756.7522, and chat about how you can begin a workplace campaign in your organization.

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