Workplace Campaign Tools

Welcome to the United Way team! Thank you for running your organization’s United Way Workplace Campaign.

As a Coordinator, you play a critical part in achieving your company’s philanthropic goals. Whether this is your first time as an Employee Campaign Coordinator or you are a seasoned pro, we have the tools to make your Workplace Campaign great.

Campaign in a Box

To aid you in running an effective Workplace Campaign, we have created a campaign toolkit—which we call Campaign-in-a-Box! Our Campaign-in-a-Box is filled with resources that provide step-by-step guidance, tools, tips & best practices to aid you in running a successful United Way Workplace Campaign.

From printed materials to electronic tools and personal visits, you can count on us to support your success. We can show you how to create a fun, exciting workplace environment where a passion for giving becomes contagious. Remember, we’re here for you through all phases of your campaign!

Campaign-in-a-Box components are available here electronically or in printed format:

  • PDFs Coming soon.

To learn more about implementing these handy tools or starting a United Way Workplace Campaign, contact at 815.756.7522 today!

Interested in purchasing United Way promotional materials to enhance your Workplace Campaign? Click this link to purchase official LIVE UNITED gear, hand-outs & more directly from the United Way Worldwide Store: Buy Live United promotional material.


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