This Is An Opportunity

COVID-19 is forcing us to shake things up

When we were buying our 2020 calendars and planners, it’s unlikely any of us were expecting for things to slow down so much or for all of those appointment venues to change from the coffee shop to the couch. As we grieve the necessary changes to keep our communities safe, it’s hard not to lament about our well laid plans for this year. Certainly, this pandemic has made major impact on how we deliver services, fund-raise, and even interact with each other.

Some of us have been left searching for connection and normalcy, while others have been enjoying the more virtual existence. However you’re feeling, I urge you to not miss the opportunity before your eyes. Now more than ever, we are realigning our priorities and assessing the value of how we spend our time (as we assess the risks associated with doing so). This is the time to look at our programs and priorities and decide who we want to engage with and the best way to do so.

It’s easy for us to keep doing things the way we’ve always done them, especially successfully, without much thought to how much more effective or efficient they may be with some changes. I am guilty of starting with the same templates and timelines because “it worked last year.” This pandemic is forcing us out of our comfort zones as we can no longer meet in person, hold large fundraisers, or “just drop by.” On a busy day it can feel so cumbersome to have to reinvent a delivery model, but I know, personally, it has made me make a lot of positive changes.

Sharing documents online has been a saver of time and energy. Meeting virtually has allowed me to be involved more as I don’t have to drive from location to location. It’s also shortened up a lot of meetings as we aren’t focusing around a meal.

I cannot wait until it’s safe to meet over a cup of coffee in a cozy booth or work out the details to an event where we can host dozens of people around good food and conversation. Until then, I find it imperative to focus on the opportunities this pandemic presents instead of the challenges. This will not be without growing pain, but with a little energy it could be the beginning of something fantastic.

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