The Blog is Back…

Sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions – personally and professionally. I am writing this with my proverbial head in my hands as I realized that I have not shared a blog post for Kishwaukee United since the first of the year. :/ Oops. (Can we talk about how 2020 is only 2 MONTHS away…How? Doesn’t seem possible…but I digress…)

Part of the fault in not updating information could be blamed on the fact that our staff has been in flux – three community engagement coordinators in less than a year. With staffing succession comes increased trailing and attention to detail as new folks get caught up to speed on organizational happenings. Part of it I could blame on the general inattention our poor website sometimes suffers as we are planning programs, cultivating companies and focusing on the day-to-day work.  Finally, part of the blame can go to the fact that, like a screaming infant vs. a quiet one, the loudest voice often gets the attention, whereas our quieter friend plays second fiddle for a bit.

Communication in an organization is vital, but sometimes Board minutes take precedent; 211 updates are expected in a timely manner, and sponsor solicitations must be completed to ensure event success. So today, amid the crazy of Taste: Bottles & Brews preparations and the sharing of Save the Date posts for our 11/23 DeKalb Elks Vendor & Craft Fair, I will quietly click away on this muse. I will return calls a bit later, wait to sort event volunteers on Monday, and take a few moments to make sure that our communication channels are clear and up to date.

Meanwhile, what has come of the swirling vortex of staffing changes? Plenty! We have an engaged, caring and competent new addition to our team – Lisa Seymour as our Community Engagement Coordinator. Lisa is not new to human services in DeKalb County as she has held leadership roles with partner agencies Hope Haven and RAMP. She brings connectivity, outreach talents and fierce passion and energy to our work. We could not be more thrilled to have her aboard!

We also have Gretchen Sprinkle, our competent cornerstone and all around finance and operations guru back from maternity leave. We are grateful that she shares her talents with us as she holds down the fort on the home front, too, with hubby John and beautiful son Jack and new daughter Libby. Gretchen navigates us through everything from our internal audit paperwork to tech updates, donor communications and everything in between that leads to the success of our initiatives and agency relationships.

This semester we were thrilled to be paired with Emily Olson who is serving with us as a DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) Intern. Emily is a DeKalb native, so the learning curve has been small in connecting to local resources and organizations. Emily has been invaluable in helping us prepare for our big shin-dig in November and helping us mange ongoing tasks.

So, just as we try to demonstrate patience for folks who call us and need to be connected to the resources we help to support, I ask that you have pity on my lapse in sharing happenings at our office on North First Street. We all are struggling through some type of issue – frustration, fear, disappointment, loss – whatever the circumstance, today is a new day to get ‘er done. Take a step back with me. Refocus. Refresh. Reconnect with the important work of Kishwaukee United Way.  We’d love to have you engaged in the really cool ways we are bringing value to others in our area.

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