MAY I say Thank You?

As we head into the month of May we saw some big finishes to events beginning in April and a GREAT start to our work in the realm of giving and shows of widespread community support. The wrap up of our Money Smart Week programming occurred on April 30. We were grateful to host over 140 sessions in collaboration with wonderful partners. We’re crossing our fingers for final attendance numbers — our steering committee meets next week to debrief — but we hope to have reached over 3000 kids, youth, adults, family members and seniors with FREE financial information! That is good stuff. Feedback from a couple that has been attending our events for several years had this to say about the sessions offered: ” … I would like to thank you and the accompanying steering committee for putting together a really rich resource in this venture. You had a very broad spectrum program of opportunities for all ages to learn and grow. Well done!”. NICE! We had such a great time meeting new partners and helping to share with families ways they can learn a trick or two to help them become more stable & secure in their finances. I did pick up a budget worksheet for myself (no, I haven’t filled it out quite yet…) that I will use to get a better picture of how our income might be better managed. For those of you who know me, YES, I may event pull out my set of rainbow markers and color code the categories. Don’t judge. 🙂 Ha!
No sooner than we closed the book on Money Smart madness, did we focus on the next effort — GIVE LOCAL DeKalb County. I have one word for that initiative: WOW. What an outpouring of giving, goodwill and engagement across DeKalb County. Over $300,000 was raised in less than 2 days for dozens of nonprofit groups. We at United Way we blessed by the generosity of board members, friends of United Way, committee members, and corporate partners. The combined, caring power of our community resulted in over $17,000 raised for our work . Again: WOW. We are so grateful to you all who took the time (and weathered the technical challenges of the day 🙂 to provide us with gifts to support our mission work and our initiatives. So, MAY I thank you? Partners help make our world go ’round at United Way — Money Smart speakers, donors, volunteers and all of YOU all for thinking of us in one of more of these ways. I am humbled — my hat is off to you all!

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