What the ‘Give Local’ Day means to United Way

Fast approaching is Give DeKalb County, an online giving day in DeKalb County hosted by the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, of which Kishwaukee United Way is a proud standing steering committee member and contributor on multiple committees. J  Give DeKalb County is a unique event, which offers a chance for caring citizens and organizations to support nonprofit organizations in a meaningful way but making a donation on one specific day each year – this year being May 3rd, 2018. Why only on May 3rd? The answer, my friends is leverage! (BTW, Leverage is a great vintage show that is off the air but you can catch reruns on Ion television…but, alas, I am off topic…)

Why is Give DeKalb only on one day…Leverage! Dozens of organizations driving people to give online that one day AND caring corporations and philanthropists who have given dollars to a matching pool to leverage (there’s that word again) dollars toward gifts given that day. The result is a win-win for all of the organizations involved.  Exposure is increased for the groups participating, we all share information about the day in advance and on May 3, and the possibility that local nonprofit meet their target fundraising goals for the day are increased. Hooray! And, hopefully, we all get a few additional resources to do our jobs just a little bit better.

Kishwaukee United Way, as many know, has a traditional campaign structure where we collaborate with businesses, employees and individuals (primarily in the Fall), through workplaces or via direct mail or special events to raise funds to support local human service agencies and initiatives. So why give to United Way on Give DeKalb Day as well? Well – let me tell you…Kishwaukee United Way today is much MORE than funding local agencies, although the agencies (and our Board and Staff) would argue that this support is vital to core programming, leveraging matching funds and helping enable them to provide the best services they can for those who need them in our area. IN addition to this valuable support however, we have our own initiatives that continue to grow, thrive and need ongoing support.

Here is what YOUR gift can do, if you choose Kishwaukee United Way on Give DeKalb County Day:

  1. You can help support the 2-1-1 Information and Referral line we launched in June in conjunction with other local partners. You can assist in the distribution of valuable 2-1-1 data to providers.
  2. You can help sustain our support of programs like VITA Free Tax Preparation for seniors and org which enable low income tax filers to save money by filing online for free.
  3. You can enrich our Money Smart Week annual initiative in late April offering DOZENS of FREE financial wellness sessions to the community, from kids to seniors and everyone in-between!
  4. You can champion local volunteerism as we host our annual Day of Caring event again this June 14th, engaging people in service to others and helping to strengthen nonprofit partners via project support.
  5. And, YES, your gift supports 23 local partner agencies providing quality child care, summer food programs, meals on wheels, elder care services, youth mentoring, counseling and mental health supports, abuse prevention, and much more.

We invite you to log in on May 3 at:  https://www.givedekalbcounty.org/organizations/kishwaukee-united-way  and make a gift that truly matters – to us, and to so many more!

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