Campaigns and Crafts

October is a time when we at United Way are bustling to meet with campaign coordinators, assemble materials for workplaces and help with special events to support the wonderful companies that choose to run a United Way campaign. Campaigns are as simple as the distribution of pledge cards and the sharing of a few local facts with employees, to chili cook offs, bake sales, internal agency events, to HUGE silent auctions and presentations to hundreds of employees in our large local distributions centers. We are grateful for all of the coordinators at the corporate level who take the time to work with us to bring the message to their employees about the work we are doing locally in our community to improve lives. Campaign meetings are also a time to connect with local businesses, renew relationships, meet new contact people and answer questions about agency services and volunteer opportunities. Not running a campaign currently? What?! Call Dawn at the United Way Office. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee, and share with you why it is valuable to do so — to let employees know the vast resources in our area, and to share with them what a gift to their local United Way means to our partners and to the success of our initiatives. Even a dollar or two a week deducted form a paycheck can go far — if we all give a little, we can accomplish a lot! I mentioned ‘crafts’ in my title for this month as well. Why, you might ask? Because it is the time of year for me to prep for our participation in the annual DeKalb Elks Club Craft Fair in November. As if I NEEDED an excuse to surf Pinterest boards, I get to delve into left brain visioning and choose and create fun hand-crafted items for the show. This year I have plans for up-cycled holiday ornaments made out of vintage yardsticks & rulers, as well as a few wreath creations. (Glue gun — don;t fail me now!) If you don’t have plans, please join us on November 19th, at the Elks Club for holiday item shopping and yummy eats in support of United Way!

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