Birthday Bash…for me?

November has been a time of nail biting and cautious celebration this year as we have watched a hometown team, the Chicago Cubs, continue to advance forward — hoping for a World Series win in 2017. As we edged toward victory, a celebration of another kind was in the works…Kishwaukee United Way’s annual Taste of the Vine event. Guests who have frequented our soiree know that the evening promises great selections of wine (compliments of Jesus Romero and his Taxco talents!), delicious delicacies (brought to you by the professionals at Premier Catering), the musings of Kirk Lundbeck and the Black Tie Trio, AND a range of eye-popping auction items. This year, as the World Series was clinched only days before our event was set to happen, we mobilized quickly and got connected with a source that was able to offer Cubs and other memorabilia to capture the momentum of the win, and offer cool new selections to our bidders. Why did I ask if it was a birthday bash?! Well, my very own birthday just happened to fall on event day as it has done a few other times in our multi-year run. I proudly sported a fancy birthday wine glass (gifted by VAC friends Ellen & Kate) in celebration of the day, and amid the event details and coordination of the night, enjoyed well wishes, hugs and birthday greetings form long time friends and colleagues. As turkey day looms on the horizon, I am thankful for many things — among them…1. Committed volunteers without whom event like Taste of the Vine would merely be ideas unable to reach fruition… 2. Board members who take time and energy of our their professional and personal lives to help make our community stronger with their talents, and 3. For the many partnerships United Way enjoys so that we might continue to do good works in the world, together. Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to one and all!

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